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Final Announcement, ESCAMPIG 2016
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The William Crookes Prize (2016)
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The William Crookes Prize (2016)

We are pleased to announce that the William Crookes Prize 2016 has been awarded to Vasco Guerra (Portugal) for his major contributions on the scientific topics covered by the ESCAMPIG, in particular, for the outstanding contribution to the modeling of molecular low-temperature plasmas, such as the self-consistent kinetic modeling of N2, O2, N2-O2, and Ar-O2 plasmas under discharge and post-discharge conditions including the strong coupling between electron and vibrational kinetics, together with chemical and ion kinetics.

EPS Poster Prize

The EPS Conference Committee will award a poster prize of 200 € to one PhD student participating at ESCAMPIG XXIII and presenting a poster prepared by himself. Those who are eligible to win this prize were asked to mention this in the online abstract submission form. We are pleased to announce that the this year winner is Mrs. Anita Ribar (Innsbruck University, Austria) with the poster presentation P01-01-06 - "Electron attachment to doped Neon clusters".

EPS Young Researcher Grants

The EPS Conference Committee will award two grants of 250 € to young researchers who received their PhD less than 6 years ago, will present a contribution at ESCAMPIG XIII, and are studying or working at an European Institution or demonstrating economic need. The conference organisers will give the 250 € to support travel and local expenses, and agree to waive registration fees of the awardees:

Dr. Joao Santos Sousa (LPGP, CNRS, Univ. Paris-Sud, Université ParisSaclay), with a talk about "Electron properties in atmospheric pressure plasma jets determined by Thomson scattering"

Dr. Goran Sretenovińá (University of Belgrade), with a talk about "Electric field diagnostics of helium plasma jets"